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Investing simply in the stock market
In association with our investment manager, Parmenion Capital Partners, Morris & Co clients can now invest online directly into Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) which grow free of tax, or a General Investment Account (GIA) where any growth is taxable. This online solution was specifically set up to help clients access well constructed investment portfolios, at extremely competitive prices, without the need to contact an adviser. This is great for clients that haven’t got much time or for whatever reason would find it difficult to arrange a meeting with an adviser.


Help – I don’t understand stocks & shares!
If you are not sure how to invest, the on-line guide will take you through an investment risk questionnaire and then match that with other details about your finances. You then get the opportunity to have a play with the portfolios and see what the investment returns would be if you take more or less risk over a shorter or longer term.

Can I do this anonymously?
The first half of the process is completely anonymous, so you do not initially have to enter any personal data. The good news is that this is an advised process, so you have the re-assurance the portfolio is being recommended by a qualified financial planner and we will be taking responsibility for the advice. Unless you want to though, you will not have to speak to an adviser.

Is there a possibility I’ll get declined?
If your finances are relatively complicated, or you are really not prepared or financially able to take any investment risk, you will be asked to contact an adviser if you want to go any further. They will then be able to make alternative recommendations.

What if I want to speak to an adviser?
The face to face or phone based advice arm of our business is likely to remain at the core of MocoMoney’s service, providing Independent Financial Advice. We have launched this online service to make it as easy as possible for Morris & Co clients to work with us, but if you do need to speak to a qualified financial planner, we’ll only be a phone call away on 0151 348 8440.

Watch a video to find out more about our investment process
The following video helps explain a little more about our investment philosophy and how it can help clients.

Start Investing Now
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