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Who We Advise

The vast majority of our clients are dentists and range from Associates, Principals and retired Dentists as well as Vocational Dental Practitioners (VDPs). In terms of dental specialists we work with a significant number of Orthodontists, as well as Endodontists, Periodontists, and Prosthodontists. With a detailed understanding of the NHS pension scheme and dentists’ career structure, we are uniquely placed to be able to really help dentists get the most out of their money. Although the majority of our clients tend to be in practice – either Private, NHS or mixed – we do act for a number of employed dentists, such as Hospital Consultants and MOD dentists.


We have a few non-dental clients as we’re often referred to friends, family and associates – provided we can add value and they don’t mind that we’re so focused on helping dentists we’re happy to be recommended.


As a result of the age range of our clients, we have the ability to help:


  • Principals with income in excess of £250,000 a year with significant pension and investment portfolios (£1m +) with complex tax, financial and investment issues

  • Associate & Principal dentists that are earning £75-£150,000 a year, starting to build their investment, pension and property portfolio

  • Young Dentists perhaps earning £45-£90,000 a year with limited savings or investments

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